Ann Cooley Carlson RN BSN; Integrative Nurse Coach

It’s exciting to know that we have the power to reach our goals, live our dreams and be the person we always knew we could be.  I continue to apply the same principals and lessons I share with my clients in my own life.

My professional interests include wellness education, stress awareness and reduction as well as understanding of the Mind-Body-Spirit connection.  My work includes Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Guided Imagery and Health and Wellness Coaching.  I am dedicated to assisting my clients to know that change is possible.

My family continues to bring me my greatest joy and support.  During my free time I enjoy Yoga, reading, cooking and nature walks.

What is my approach as Nurse Coach?

I provide this service by phone or in person, if local.  Typically I open each session with an “awareness exercise”.  This is a simple way to take some deep breaths and allow the focus to be on our time together rather than other events of the day.  The initial session looks at the client’s whole person assessment and identifies areas for attention.

My coaching includes deep listening to story, motivational interviewing, guided imagery(with client’s who wish),  and awareness practices.  These strategies bring the coach/client to a deeper level, accessing the client’s hopes, dreams and potential obstacles.  The session concludes with goals to work on before our next meeting.



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