Perseverance [1]

“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” ~Edward Stanley [2]


When it comes to exercise, most of us dont want to wait for results.   Ok, I will speak for myself.  I don’t want to wait for results, ok?   I have added walking into my regular daily habit and restarted going to the gym.  Still, I haven’t noticed any remarkable body changes.   I know its only been a couple weeks.  I know, it takes perseverance, time and patience.  All of the things that we  I find difficult.  At the gym  I will do yoga, the treadmill or a class.   I used to love classes and am still in a search for the one with the right mix of stress, fun music and a good workout.  Step used to be my thing.  Now step seems to be out and Zumba is in.

I don’t mind trying a new class, even if I am inexperienced, older than most of the participants and even if I know I probably cannot “keep up”.   This morning, I decided to do just that.  “Abs and Butts” it said on the schedule.  Hey, I have done a few sit-ups and squats in my time; this should not be a problem.  I arrived at the gym and signed up.  It was then that I heard the voice and saw, I don’t know, was that a smirk?   “So, your going to try the Brazilian Butts and Ripped Abs class?”  the young girl behind the counter smiled.

Me: …  “ Uuuhhh, is that what its called?”   I tried not to allow the fear from showing as I gently placed the pen down and proceeded bravely toward the exercise room.   Any class with foreign countries and bodily injuries in its name does not conjure up the best of my spirit.

The room was swarming with women grabbing weights, barbells, bender balls and mats.  The instructor called out instructions over loud music reciting all of the equipment we would need to participate.  I looked around at the young attendees.   I remained cool and worked to ascertain that I had all of the hardware needed, trying not to get elbowed as I reached for the weights and balanced the exercize ball.  It was a workout just getting the equipment!  Then, of course you must find your space.  In a class like this, any 3 x 4 foot space is considered “open”.

The music started, the instructor roared out directions and we all started moving.    As we lifted the barbells and twisted, I was so afraid of knocking out one of my fellow exercisers, I could barely concentrate.  What if I didn’t put the weight on correctly and it spins off onto that girl’s head?     I was sweating and breathless when I heard the instructor say, “Great, you should be warmed up now.  We can begin” ….

I made it through the class and I did feel the burn.  Maybe more, maybe less, than others in the class, but in the end I only have to answer to myself.    It’s my time and I will use it as my own body tells me.   I am on to new challenges.  I know for sure, they are out there!!

Thanks for reading!  Anyone with a story to share would be greatly appreciated!    Keep moving,  Annie





[1] (definition:  resistance, firmness, resolve, determination)




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