Still not sure? Here's just some of what InHarmony clients have to say about us...


“I’ve worked closely with Ann for almost 8 years and have discussed ways to minimize the amount of stress in my life.  She introduced me to Reiki and  meditation which have been beneficial to me.  I am more aware of when I’m stressed and am now armed with some strategies to minimize it.  I have incorporated many of these simple, stress relieving  techniques into my daily life and have experienced improved health and wellness as a result”

D.S.  Ipswich, MA


“Working with Annie was a thought provoking and motivating process. Her guidance and tools helped me to reflect on and assess all aspects of my life and helped me to clarify priorities. Her insightful, gentle and focused coaching kept me on track, defining goals and action plans. The whole process was very enjoyable and rewarding.”

R.S.  RN,   Boston, MA



Working with Ann has been great.  She has a unique ability to guide me toward my goals in a positive way without judgement.  She helps me to clarify my thoughts and ideas leading to realistic and attainable goals.  Ann follows through and helps me stay on track with the work necessary to reach my goals.  She has helped me to recognize barriers and helps me see that I have the tools to overcome them.

  K.B. RN,   Boston, MA 

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