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I’ve been thinking a lot about the power of thoughts, energy and prayers.  There is a lot that we don’t understand about the power of our energy fields.   We’ve all been around someone who is angry or combative.   Their energy is contagious and we usually try to move further away if possible.   There have been many experiments looking at electromagnetic energy put out by the human body with some indications of a force that we don’t see and therefore don’t understand or believe.   

I believe….   Have you ever played a game where you smile at people and see what happens… will usually get it back!   It’s contagious.  So I’m counting on this now.  As my dear cousin and friend, Nan, begins a battle against  pancreatic cancer we continue to send her our thoughts, our positive wishes and our prayers.  You can see us here at one of our many sleepovers. 


You can follow her journey with her “fight like hell” slogan at    

 Many have tried to explain the power of our energy scientifically.   You can read Jim Oschman’s account of the biomagnetic fields around the human body.   They can measure electromagnetic charges with a simple EKG so why not believe that our human cells carry real energy which can affect us and others.  You can read Lynne McTaggart’s, The Intention Experiment.   You might even go to the website and participate in the experiment that hypothesizes that our intentions can make an actual difference in outcomes.  

Or.. we can just pray…  The power of prayer has also been studied scientifically.  Harold Pincus, National Director of the  Health and Aging Policy Fellows Program, when looking at a study on faith noted that the results  “have made clear that anyone involved in providing health care. . . cannot ignore . . . the important connections between spirituality, religion, and health.”   I am a believer.   I believe in the power of prayer and of the human spirit to heal.     The problem can lie in what we expect as an outcome of our prayers.   I don’t believe that God is going to influence the outcome of the Super bowl tonight.  The Pat’s or the Giants will prevail based on how they play the game.  I do believe that God (and we) can influence our paths and ultimately our outcomes.  “We have to pray with our eyes on God, not on the difficulties.” ~ Oswald Chambers.   So I am going to keep on thinking and praying  for Nan….I pray that she stays strong,  that she knows she is loved,  that God will heal her…… Amen


1 H.A. Pincus, “Commentary: Spirituality, Religion, and Health: Expanding, and Using the Knowledge Base,” Mind/Body Medicine, 2 (1997), 49.


  • Jeanine


    I will keep Nan in my thoughts and prayers.
    What a sweet picture!

    February 12, 2012
    • Ann

      Thanks Jeanine, Your prayers mean a lot!!

      February 12, 2012
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    best regards

    April 7, 2012
  • Donna

    Bonjour my name is Sally and I’m a student and this article really helped me. I’m inspired! Thanks very much!

    November 26, 2012

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